We’ve all seen it. When it comes to advising line managers on how to make the best hires, we can list off a whole ream of ‘best practice’ tips: be consistent, use competencies effectively, provide constructive feedback, be rigorous, use structured interviews…the list goes on. And yet, when it comes to making hires ourselves, into our own teams, we sometimes go back to what does not work: intuition and feeling.
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“Big Bang” vs. phased RPO implementation


Posted by Jo Lawson - Implementation Manager | Implementation, multi-country rpo, multi-local
Posted on August 17th, 2011 at 8:52 am

The decision has been made, a new recruitment solution is about to be born and you have the ideal partner on board to deliver it. In some cases, the need to get the new service in and embedded can’t come quickly enough! In others cases, a more considered approach is required. For each implementation, regardless of an aggressive or more appropriately paced plan, one of the first elements to understand is how the project will be delivered. For a multi-country RPO solution, do you go live with all locations at the same time (big bang) or a phased approach?
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