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Posted on July 31st, 2012 at 10:27 am

Diversity Wins

Are there two more discussed goals in the UK this week than diversity and competitive edge? I maintain my stance on being better equipped to talk shoes rather than sport but after all it is London 2012!

The Olympics is the ultimate metaphor for the power of diversity. In particular Friday’s opening ceremony was indeed a cavalcade of inclusivity. I loved the recognition of a lifetime’s achievement coupled with trust in future promise in allowing the young pretenders to take the flame from Steve Redgrave.

At the Olympics’ core is the desire to appeal to as broad an audience as possible via the diversity of the events and the participants.  Over the next two weeks we can enjoy activities as contrasting as poetry and beach volley ball – although some audience members might say they were one and the same. The competition is the most intense and the reputation of the winners the most recognised because it pulls from the most diverse pool – the world!

And this year that’s truer than ever with every participating country allowing women to compete.  Plus, women’s boxing finally makes the list: very best of luck to Nicola Adams, Natasha Jonas and Savannah Marshall.

Getting back to the competitive edge – the compelling correlation between having a diverse and inclusive workforce and achieving that elusive business edge is well established:

  • Employee attraction, retention and engagement all go up – hand in hand with your improved brand image
  • Innovation and operational effectiveness both get a big tick
  • Effective entry into emerging markets – of course, tick
  • Relations with all your customers where your workforce truly reflects your customer base – measurably and immeasurably improved
  • And, let’s not forget, improved bottom line

So we shouldn’t really need one but the Olympics are a powerful reminder for keeping diversity at the heart of our business and people strategies. For more on workplace diversity please join us at our upcoming think tank hosted by Feilim Mackle, Sales and Service Director at Telefónica, which will look at why leveraging workplace diversity is increasingly seen as a vital strategic imperative for competitive advantage.

Enjoy the games!

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