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Posted on April 29th, 2013 at 12:47 pm

Ochre House – Practising what we preach

Last year the market produced some new fascinating learnings – in and around our world of talent and how firms tackle ‘collaboration’.

McKinsey wrote in April 2013 that THE most effective mechanic to boost collaboration is to enable staff to meet, and to both give and get help. Additionally, over 2013 a popular question was “why is it that LinkedIn knows more about our own people than we do?”. We also learnt three powerful findings in some top global consultancy firms: 1) That the opportunity cost of time spent searching for the right people equates to 2-3% of annual fee income. This means that their UK division loses £24.7 million per year. 2) We learnt that up to 40% of all lost pitches were due to non optimised teams and insight. And 3) we discovered that one almuni community generated £100 million in new revenue in 2012.

So while the market for SaaS collaboration tools is vast (Yammer, Chatter, Jive etc.) no one has solved the first question “WHO are the best people?”

For so long companies have relied on serendipity, meaning there are literally billions of pounds to be saved and earned by just knowing our own people better.

We scratched our heads that this billon pound opportunity has yet to be cracked and as a result started a secret LAB experiment with some very bright sparks at a new technology company. Uniquely this tool leverages functionality normally seen in dating websites and has been reengineered for talent management in a corporate environment.

The result is an award winning online talent exchange called ProFinda.

We are now excited to promote the initiative and share the value to our networks and our clients. It is also important we demonstrate that we practise what we preach, to help create and forge an agile, adaptable, responsive, motivated and highly skilled workforce.

If this space is of interest and the above resonates in any way, get in touch with to request a demo.

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