Posted by Paul Daley - Director, APAC
emerging talent, Talent management
Posted on March 16th, 2010 at 8:59 am

Emerging talent on the agenda

After 18 months in the doldrums, emerging talent (in particular graduate recruitment) is making a comeback. Eversheds is the latest to announce hiring is on the increase. We’ve also seen this trend across many of our clients with 2010 graduate hiring volumes up on 2009. Previous experience (from the ‘dot com’ crash) suggests that reduced graduate demand is followed by a period of rampant demand, however usually in a different sector…

In the late 90’s graduates were being hired into the ICT sector in their thousands. In the mid 2000’s, it was the turn of financial services, but which sector will hold the mantel next? I’d put money on healthcare; growing market, differentiated through innovation and the application of knowledge. What’s your view?

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